My Favorite Etsy Seller This Week

My favorite Etsy seller this week is an artist named Kristi Baker of TheNibandQuill.  Kristi is a new
 pal of mine on Etsy, who really "gets" my dry sense of humor.  She creates beautiful handmade journals and sells them in her Etsy shop.  Her journals are so beautiful that I could picture myself using them as home decor.  Of course, I'd have to attach an alarm to them, to protect them from my daughters, who would try to sneak them into their bedrooms to draw in or to write top secret notes to their friends.  Kristi is an artistic mom of three, who bakes cookies for the neighborhood kids every Friday.  How sweet is THAT? 
Violin Coptic Bound Journal
She comes from an artistic family, and her mother even has an etsy shop as well.  I always run into her on Etsy and Twitter, where she is pretty popular.  You should follow her. :Kristi's twitter account

My favorite item in TheNibandQuill is this Violin Coptic Bound Journal.  I love the classic design of the cover.  Wouldn't this be the best gift for your child's music teacher, or for your musical teen?  I think so!  And am I right, that it would make a great item in your home decor? 

You should visit Kristi's store!  She has something to appeal to everyone's taste.  She even has a STEAMPUNK designed cover on one of her journals.  She's so in touch with what's cool!  Also at TheNibandQuill, you can find smaller journals and even matchbox sized.  (perfect handmade stocking stuffers!) 

So, take my advice.  Go visit this awesome lady's store.  I'll make it easy for you.  Here's the link:
The Nib and Quill


  1. Oh, Sue! Thank you so much! Such a lovely surprise. Your blog is GREAT. I signed up to follow your blog. I love all the T's you're showing in your slide show. I would like to figure out how to do that, too.
    You are a dear friend and overall stellar person. God bless you! Janet :)

  2. What an amazing person you are, Sue! I am so touched that you included me in your blog and in such a personal and wonderful way! I look forward to following your blogs and learning even more about and you and your life as an Etsy seller. I am feeling very blessed!
    Thank you again,

  3. I really like your blog and how organized your setup is...I just tried to make mine better, but having a tough time of it, lol. You have treasuries, etsy widget, find me's - I love it. Additionally I love your art, the little white crochet baby dress is just too adorable. ;-)