Monday, June 13, 2011

Not much time for crafting today

Hooray!  I've finally had another sale (that totals 7, since December 2010-UGH!)  I'm so excited, though, to have sold a set of my crochet eggs!  Yippee!  Soon I will be off to the post office to mail them out to my lovely customer!

Lots to do today, so probably not much time for crafting.  I have so much to do too!  Taking new pics of all my shop items, creating more interesting items to sell, as well as listing more of the items I've already created in the past.  I also need to be an active participant in all the etsy teams that I've recently joined, so they don't all think I'm a big deadbeat or something. 

All this, in addition to my daughter's softball practice, shopping for a gift for a friend's son's birthday party, then attending the party.  (And I can't forget--post office!)  So bye for now!

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