Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My newest treasury

Ok.  So I've been very busy this morning, trying to keep up with the teams I've joined on etsy, and I've created this new treasury, which is a celebration of feminine beauty.  If you are a woman, you will find so many beautiful items in the shops featured in this treasury, so it's really worth clicking the link below!  Here it is, as well as a sneak peek:  http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTE2NjEwOTB8MzI4MzMzOTA5/femininity?ref=pr_treasury

PrEtTy In PiNk PaInTeRLy FLoRaL NeCk TiE MiNi DrEsS NuMbErHand Crocheted Textile Lace Brooch with Blue Sapphire SARTAREN

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