Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Home Town Parade, with a touch of Semper Fi!

Let me start this post by pointing out that we live in a small farming town.  Having spent most of my childhood in South Florida, and my husband having grown up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we wouldn't trade this laid back, country lifestyle for anything in the world.  It is so wonderful to raise our children in this community, where everyone knows everyone (so they can't get away with anything--hahaha!) 

Every year, in our town, there is a parade where all the bands of our area high school and those in the surrounding areas, the dance studios, the hair salons, the farming equipment companies, the boy and girl scouts, the local politicians, lots of local churches, etc. march past our house (which is prime real estate on parade day!)  in a two and a half hour parade.  This is our first year of watching the parade without our son, who left less than a year ago, for boot camp for the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was here visiting this weekend, but had to return very early this morning, so he wasn't here for the parade.  However, he was of course in our hearts and on our minds, and this tractor went by (Oh!  I forgot to mention this......a BUNCH of old antique, and some new, tractors are also a main attraction in these parades.)  Anyway, this tractor drove by, and seeing us sitting in our front yard with our two flags posted on either side of our porch, one being the American flag, and the other a U.S. Marine Corps flag, he waved to us.  I snapped this picture and sent it to my son.  I wanted to share it with everyone on the internet, I'm that appreciative of this tribute to the United States Marine Corps. So here it is! I'm SO PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!!!

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