Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is so incredible!

SALE - Brown Sweater Tunic Mini Dress Tweed Effect Long Sleeves Wool

I stumbled across this knit tunic dress on etsy, and I thought it was SO INCREDIBLE that I couldn't NOT share it!  The amount of time and work that goes into something like this is huge, and yet their shop if full of incredible items like this.  I can barely knit a washcloth! I just HAD to share.

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  1. Hello Sue,
    I feel very humbled by your kind words of praise, and you are right, it does take some time to make these garments,but the time and effort that goes into my work, is unimportant, when you love doing what you do.I do get a buzz when one of them sells, but the biggest buzz and the thing that means the most to me, is reading the feedbacks from the buyers, and this is what helps to keep me going.
    Thank you so much for adding me to your blog, I am honoured to be featured, i wish you all the very best, and keep on blogging!!! Zora (fashionknitwear)